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Hmm well I guess im back...
over the last 2 months ive been steadyly getting back into gmax and building things, starting with a shed, that grew wheels and changed into a battery loco and all manner of ungodly unprototypical unique things for finally settling on this locomotive, (wheel boxes and I beam just about the only original part now)

its inspirations are many and none with a close family resemblence in some way to the original FRR Locomotive I built for 1.3.. problem is given the lack of a prototype and its bigger design as apposed to a strictly 2ft loco im at a loss to what to make it capable of, she is yet to be track tested for scale overall and is currently in texturing stages

its big enough to be a moderately sized 2ft gauge loco, perhaps a small cane shunter or a smaller sized 3ft gauge locomotive, standard gauge is possible however I think her smaller size would be dwarfed by any normal standard gauge stock due to the earlyer background of being a tram and lacking height..coupler heights would be an issue

the plan so far is to release 3 versions, the one below is the factory shunter version with its extra running lights, flashing warning lights and it will be in a shade of green similar to how it looks now untextured, gauge im not quite sure about only to simply say that dispite the side skirts (suggested by my beautiful fiancee gresica) the wheels can be seen but in such a way that if I was to make 3 size of bogeys, 2ft, 2-6, 3ft it would be a clean swap and look no different depending on the user

Logging version will have a more weathered rundown look, however light types, positions and suchlike I would decide depending on feedback

i'd appreciate feedback on coupler types, horsepower ratings, realistic speed and types of horns for the logging industry, industrial factory and all round general purpace narrow gauge loco varients that I plan to release... what I dont really want is to release something thats too slow for a specific role, underpowered or indeed overpowered and or boring

textures will as far as I know be realistic metalic

the cab I have decided on an "easydrive" modernised lever approach as so the driver can see both controls and out the window and able to drive without looking down or using the keyboard although I would consider a loco brake facing the back window but really its been designed more of a route based locomotive for mainline use rather than strictly a shunter

Anyway hope this link works and I look forward to any suggestions

Nice seeing you in here again!

Looks like a very nice small locomotive, looks a little to modern for my taste, but it looks like a universal one that could as you say fit into many themes.

I have very limited knowledge about much of the things you wanted some feedback on - but decided to type something down as a reply either way as I felt it would be a sort of a good response to see someone actually bother typing something down.
At least I would have liked that if I posted a image and thread like this one. :)

What you describe sounds good - hopefully someone with a more "need" for this type can post what they would like to see.
Me, I need more "older look" as I'm still "stuck" (freely LOL) back in the early 1900's mining theme ;)

Best wishes

More 2ft(600mm)....Cool

Hi there,

Looks good to me, any new 2ft(600mm)
creations are always welcomed by me.

I would be using the 2ft(600mm) version
in the Sugarcane fields here in Nth Qld.

Also like the sound of the weathered logging one,
would fit into a canefield or mill setup nicely i feel.

Sorry i cant help you with the engineering side of things
I wouldn't know any specs :(

Nice work, Thanks.

Torana. :)
Hello, Thanks for the replies much appreciated.. nice to see your still modeling the mine stuff linda :) little too small for me that sub 2ft stuff but cute none the less, thanks torana, i'll likely be making the sugarcane version a standard yellow with hazard striped front and possibly with a door open or windows down to cope with the QLD heat, after all it doesnt have any aircon,

at this point i'd still very much like anyone with any engineering knowlage or suchlike to put a word in regaurding power, im almost at exporting stage and will undergo track testing and general rolling stock compatability tests

if theres any popular sugarcane bins that have couplers at a certain height i'd take a look and use them as my guide, if you can list the kuid ID of the items it'd help alot, im also interested in modeling some kind of industrial worker carriage for 3ft and 2ft gauge for a passenger duty role if someone can point me to something suitable, preferably made out of metal it'd be a big help

It looks fairly similar in size and power to some of Ruston & Hornsby or Hunslet built locomotives, so I assume power output should be fairly the same as those. There are currently a few preserved on the Corris, Welsh Highland, and Talyllyn railways that fit the bill. Might start looking there.

Here are the bins i use,
they are from Shagster.

They come with Gmax files,
so as far i know you can go nuts with them.
just a mention to Shagster when you release them i would say?

I didn't know until i was told, that the bogeys dont line up with 24ng track
as seen here in the second pix. Need to be widend to 2"4'
Didn't notice at all, i was just so happy to have canebins in Trainz.

They don't have couplers either, although thats the right height i think,
also they are not industry active yet,
if you could make that happen i would be very very grateful.
Been a dream for a long time now. :udrool:

All in all, The bins are the right scale for TRS,
and have got me this far, (Thanks Shagster if you're reading this)
but any improvement would be even happier days.

Thanks for the sugarcane bin infomation, ive also looked at other types of sugarcane bins and they change in size from near hopper size to the standard shopping trolley types, im getting TRS04 and TC very shortly i'll start work on them, thanks for the infomation, also having looked over the broad selection of motive power on queensland sugar tramways ive decided to make a little few modifcations from the factory floor shunter.. most notibly a rear batterybox for diesel electric operation.. hopefully looking to release it within a month or less.. work pending

Thanks all

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