National Train Show - Anaheim July 18-20 2008


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Who else is going to the show this year? Although we are not demoing this year, I'll be there for my 4th or 5th visit. I'd love to catch up with anyone who will be attending.



p.s. The date also coincides with my wedding anniversary so it is never a popular decision at home.
I don't think the bus goes that far.I'll wait for the models in Sydney later in the year.

BTW. How long are you grounded for when you get home?


Love to but can't.:( :'(

It's in California, I'm in New York. Only possible way to get me over there is to find away with my dad getting airline tickets. Not a good idea even at this point.

I'm going to Germany for a class trip in March or so next year, I think my dad is done with trips until I graduate from high school.:hehe: I mean the price was quite a bit, then it went higher two weeks after we paid it!! (gas prices go figure):eek:

Getting the tickets and making reservations at this time and at the cost would put my dad down from doing it almost as soon as I say "Can we go daddy?, It's only in California.":hehe: :eek: "Yea across the country only staying one day to see a train what are you thinking?" Thats what he would say.

Maybe next time though! :)

This goes for all members, (um including the admins/moderators). Might be a good idea to include the state &/or country of when you notify about shows in the titles.

I'm curious know, but for some reason, I get the feeling I've seen the location of the train show before. And on a side topic, is Toy's 'R' Us still in Anaheim?

Well it's a bit (okay more than a bit) far away for me to attend, but I wonder how close to those "bunch" of hotels near Disneyland the show is. (I wonder if one of those hotels still sell a small jar [expensive at the time] of Vegemite!!)

EDIT about the title: Um Tony, you do realize that it's only 2008, not 2009 - yet! :hehe:

By the way, what is "drayage"?
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Yeah, I stay out of California just on principle.

Well, that and I'm afraid something will infect me there.
EDIT about the title: Um Tony, you do realize that it's only 2008, not 2009 - yet! :hehe:

By the way, what is "drayage"?[/quote]

He's still on the TRS2009 theme ( It's all that stress at the top ) just have to concentrate a bit more on coordinating the brain to hand thing when typing

Why isn't this a poll ?

I helped Lance and Chris Cordes demo at the last two NMRA Conventions, but California is a bit far for this New Englander.

I won't be there this year. If the show came back to Ft. Myers, then I would be a very happy camper :D
I can't quote Ferrous's post at the moment, so Ferrous I don't think the QM2 ship would have been around then. But I remember some motel starting with "M".
Doesn't look like I will be knocked over in the rush - hopefully a few people will stop by.

That's a 7 hour drive south for me. Don't know if I can make it or not. Have to see how this week goes. Now if it was somewhere in central California I could make it for sure.:)

If I had only known

Um... its your anniversary, and you didn't bring your wife for a trip to LA?
I'm glad I'm not you going home. :hehe:

Anyway, I had no idea you were going. :(
My son was looking forward to demoing there.
Maybe next year.
Have fun, though. (you better pick up some real good trinkets)