narrow guage deisel


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ok got a weird one, am looking for a narrow guage deisel to haul log loads in an old american mountain logging layout. have the NG boxcab deisel but its nowhere near powerful enough.

any suggestions?
If you have TRS2006 you already have a 3 ft gauge diesel that came with Northbay. The prototype was used on a 30" copper mine so it is not to far out of place on a logging line.


sssjung made a diesel similair to the one narrowgauge mentioned. Just search his name on the dls. And if you don't have trs 06' you can find the diesel narrowgauge mentioned under his name on the dls.

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It's a "Vulcan". Works well in logging. Find it under "Installed" or a new paintshed scheme. Not much change. gets rid of the White overhead.

Regarding the Vulcan paint scheme. The 'default' colours were not in the original and are the result of an error when the content was packed up by Auran for inclusion in TRS2006. The update that is available on the DLS restores the correct colours.

I had hoped that Auran would correct this problem with SP1.