Named signals


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I have named some signals - those that mark the end of a block and the start of the next block - and the names appear in the map views of Surveyor and Driver. But I can't get the names to appear in the ordinary views.

I can get round it by putting a named trackmark by each signal but is there a way to get the actual signal names to show?
Only if the signal supports naming, i.e. if the config file has tags something like name, font0, and there's a mesh for the name. You could add a mesh following teddytoot's idea.
Signals are not normally named unless they have a special function , e.g. Hylton Up Fixed Distant".They"re usually given a prefix letter taken from the first one or two letters of the signalbox so Scrooby might be SC and the signal number 7 making it SC7.
Showing names

Yes, I'm giving them simple codes like Lewisner explains and the signals all accept the names. (I'm using the Auran-supplied UK signals 1 to 5). The point is the names do not show against the signals in either Surveyor's or Driver's pictorial displays but they do show on the map views.

My question is how to get the names showing on the main views.

Why do I want them? To help me know which bit of the layout I'm looking at at any time.
If you"re using UK Colour Light signals the 2 or 3 letter name will show on the black plate halfway down the signalpost.Unfortunately all these have "AT" (Auran Trains) at the top so they"re not easy to read.If you"re using Semaphores the name appears near the bottom of the Signalpost in microscopic letters.If its a long name it will look like a white line sticking out either side.If its on a white signalpost such as Tall Home Semaphore then you can"t see it, obviously because its white on white...:confused:
Thanks Lewisner. The signal ids are there. But you need full zoom and close to to see them!

Another idea. I've seen contributors' screenshots with text or letters added on their baseboards. How do you do that? If I could put an identifying code on each track that would help no end. And it would not be un-prototypical. All eight tracks outside Waterloo. for example, have their identities marked on the signal gantries.