Mile markers / Mileage



Is there a way in Surveyor to automatically add route mileage calculations / mile markers? Or is this process strictly a manual one. I remember a route that I used to run in TS12 on the mini-map that displayed the mileage.

Fred Bray
I don't remember it, but when you travel the route in the game, the distances are displayed as you go. I had also created several convoys of different lengths, one kilometer, one nautical mile, one American mile, and measured the distances like that by reporting them.
There is no automatic method for creating mile markers in Surveyor. Willem and others have put together consists that measure the line and you can then place a mile marker manually.

<kuid2:97008:60824:2> Measuring Wagon Imperial 52'8 Yellow
<kuid2:97008:60813:2> Measuring Wagon Metric 25m Yellow
<kuid2:97008:60821:2> Measuring Wagon Imperial 52'8 Green
<kuid2:97008:60814:2> Measuring Wagon Metric 25m Red
<kuid2:97008:60822:2> Measuring Wagon Imperial 52'8 Pink
<kuid2:97008:60823:2> Measuring Wagon Imperial 52'8 Red
<kuid2:97008:60811:2> Measuring Wagon Metric 25m Green
<kuid2:97008:60812:2> Measuring Wagon Metric 25m Orange

Here's both the imperial and metric wagons by Willem. 100 imperial wagons coupled together equals one mile. They're available on the DLS.