Menus not showing on TANE


When I was running W8.1 and had TANE operational I could run the program. I updated my Laptop to W10 and have been able to load TANE, but the Menu screens (Tutorial / Routes) plus Train settings are not showing up, The screens are a dark blue. on the Train Settings the left side shows but the area where mods can be done is Dark Blue. I did get the Asset Download screen and was able to download SMC SC312/313 and SMC TD420. but still the menus remain non visible.
I can read the Download Manager and make downloads from it. I updated the program to 76401. (P.S. I am also running TS2010 /(GL) mode and it is working.)
Is there any program or application that might be missing from when the laptop was updated to a W10 that might be giving me this blank screen
I can get into the test track, but do not have any controls availablel.