Luxury Train travel in Thailand


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Thought i would share these 3 pics of what Thailand clssifies as "Luxury rail transport"

A typical Thai Loco


First Class coach


The Lounge car


Anyone want to have a go at modelling this in Trainz ?????
I reckon Thailand has done better than that...

What about the Eastern and Oriental Express, Bangkok to Singapore?

But a very interesting train indeed. The lounge car looks like an Ozzie cafe..
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I like the bright, cheerful color of the plastic lawn chairs.
Did you get a chance to see the sumptuous luxury inside the first class coach?

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i travelled on that train, actually, it was quite fun, i have a shot somewhere of the food being delivered on a handcar i must find.
The green chicken curry was delicious. Its funny how the plastic chairs were quite useable for dining. it was a slow train. In the Chanthaburi area of eastern thailand.
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I like the older trains best. They have character.
And the fact that I don't have to ride them every day helps.:D

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