Looking for locomotives


Trainz Driver
I have been looking for while for the following to add to the game maybe someone can help me out.

EMD NW5 from Massachusetts Central (They are very rare)
Tea 245.021 (Spiez Erlenbach-Zweisimmen - Switzerland)

If anyone have a clue where to get them then please let me know.
Well you could request tham in the payware or freeware threads but your best bet would be payware because these are going to be new models which may take time to make. Also don't expect on getting an answer very quickly it may take time to get one. You should also post a picture of the locomotives in the thread to make it easyer on the content creators. Try both threads though. If you have any questions PM me.
Hope this helps,
Thanks i might even do so, then i can request them to be made for Trainz Classics as i will start playing with that one.