Locating a Loco


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Hello everyone, been enjoying the program alot and using loco's from my area to play with, but having a real difficult time trying to find one that has been going thru my area lately. I have Conrail, CSX, and Guilford Rail going thru all the time, but just seen a beautiful loco from Providence/Worcester Rail system (5 locos and 100+ coal hoppers in tow)go thru hauling a load of coal to the north. I cannot seem to find any loco's done up and listed anywhere for download, even the DLS. Has anyone out there seen or come across a download for this loco? this is what it looks like on this site http://www.railpictures.net/viewphoto.php?id=196134&nseq=207 I did not take this picture, its from the railpictures site and I enjoy viewing all the photos here, like this one. I live in Mass near the NH line right along the Merrimack River and also about 200 yards from it and the rail line going north to NH,ME and VT. Have been here for 20+ years and don't ever recall seeing this loco before, it looks bigger than the normal ones I see going thru. I have even seen the Big Circus train come thru now and then on their tours. I would love to add this loco to my Trainz stock if I can find it. I am new to Trainz, so I haven't really gotten into the reskinning myself yet. Any ideas, links or otherwise on this loco would be great, thanks and happy railing... Frank

That was a fast response, thank you for reading my post and the link. I have V.2006 and noticed it says 2004+, so I assume that it will be ok. I take it that you have seen them too? My son saw them for the first time today and all he said was WOW, as they were heading north with another coal load and by all means, they weren't weathered. Like brand new and bright. I hope to be able to find clean ones along the lines sometime, but this is a start. Guessing they will be back sometime tomorrow going southbound and hoping to get a real picture of them..Thanks again