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Has anyone used the Load Passengers command to load or unload passengers. I have only ever been able to use it to open and close doors and have used the instant load and instant unload to load and unload the passengers. The problem comes when you are using DMUs as they will not load or unload as the DMBS and DMS are locomotives.
I am using TS12 49922.

I've not used the Load Passengers command but do use the 'AJS Invisible Station 1T 3.5' in conjunction with the 'Navigate To' followed by the 'Load' commands which results in doors open, passengers unload, passengers load, doors closed.

At terminals I also use, 'Navigate To', 'Unload', 'Wait for', 'Load' in sequence which provides that out of service effect while the train changes direction. If you are running steam you can replace 'Wait for' or compliment it with with the commands to move the locomotive to the other end of the carriages. Peter
DMUs are different. You cannot unload the motor units at the terminus.
I generally use Andi's invisible stations where possible but in some cases it is difficult to maintain the track shape on curved stations when you chop out the track.

Hi just a bit of feedback from a novice:
Well first best to check if the DMU (DMBS DMS) assets have a passenger queue written in the configuration file and that the doors are actually animated.
You can always add one using the PEV Tools.
Best passenger transfer solution at a platform I find is using the Auran KUID Station Basic <kuid2:30501:22005:5>
used in conjunction with the 'Navigate To' or 'Drive To' followed by the 'Load' commands which results in doors open, passengers unload, passengers load, doors closed.
With the Load function passengers will also disembark from the train before the ones on the platform embark.
You can set the number of passengers allowed on the platform such as a small, medium, large, or terminating station in the setup window.
Sometimes a train consist will not stop in the center of the platform depending on what type it is.
There are limitations of course.
All of the DMUs I am using have animated doors and are passenger enabled. They load and unload correctly at AJS invisible stations but a minor problem is that at a terminus there are still passengers onboard and I am trying to unload them all. I would normally use instant unload but that only works for the unmotored DMU trailers.
I have tried using Terminate Passenger Train, some times it works other times it is ignored.
Some of the DMUsi I am using are rumour3's BR Class 105's. I also use the 101's, 116, 117, 121,&122's from the DLS.


EDIT After testing the Terminate Train command I have found that this generally works for all carriages in a DMU if placed directly after the Call at command. It does not work on it's own or after a Drive to Trackmark command.
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