Just thought I'd show off a little...


Narrow gauge or nothing
I've started a new route and got hung up detailing this little corner.
I thought it came out pretty cool if you don't mind me patting myself on the back...


I always try to build things that make sense.
So, the Bakers built that house a number of years ago overlooking a beautiful waterfall.
When Mrs. Baker finishes up with the wash she'll pick a few crab apples and bake a pie for desert later.
Mr. Baker has gathered up a few dozen eggs and a chicken or two from their three chicken houses and has taken them to town to make a few extra dollars. He also works part time for the RR keeping an eye on that trestle.
Life is grand for the Bakers...

Have fun...:)
Looks like a nice place to live. Waterfall, tracks for railfans, free apples, when can I move in ?:hehe:
Sorry, lornyk5, I've checked with the Bakers and they're not selling.
They are an older couple and aren't looking for borders either. You're going to have to find your own little haven elsewhere.:D:D:D

Here's another shot;


Have fun!
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Cool Spot. I often find areas on routes that I build that I love, and then there are other areas that I run out of ideas in.

Here's another inspirational spot of the route. The Bakers live just around that bend to the left, btw;


I certainly know that feeling, axe1970.:)
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Do You know "Lord-Claud-Hamilton"?
He made two very good looking small scenes in trainz.
Your pictures remind to those. :)
Thanks, guys...:)

Yes, I do plan to release it but it will be awhile down the road, though. I've only just started it.

Nope, can't say as I do know "Lord-Claud-Hamilton" but I'd love to have a link to see his work.:)