Junction Switch Levers


I have been using "1 Track Wood" for years and until just recently all was OK - now I find that although the Options Menu is ticked on "automatic junction placement" the
switch levers do not install. I have tried another route and also other tracks but with no success.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Ron: On some parts of the track will not except junction automatically..You have to add spline point on track that you want to join.. It should work..
One problem that has popped in TS2010 is this layer crap. If the switch doesn't appear - click off one of the layers and then click it back on. Some items will disappear for awhile until clicked back on. It usually works for me. But what are these layers all about? Seems more complicated than previous games.

I have had this from time to time and it sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. A route I'm working on in TS12 61388 using Duchy bullhead rail, yesterday I was laying track and the levers/junctions were appearing correctly. Today, although the splines joined correctly they were not and I have had to manually place the levers at each set of points (albeit later the default ones get replaced by something more discreet and appropriate). I cannot for the life of me explain why one day it works and the next it doesn't.
There have been many threads on the issue and problems of layers. Personally, I am a convert and could not do without them. Yes, there is a learning curve but it is well worth it, and yes, the implementation is a bit strange but has been marginally improved since their first appearance in TRS2010.
Thanks everyone - I will manually place the switch levers - using something more appropriate - it appears sometimes "improvements" in software can be a backward step.

Well I've discovered the reason why my TS12 is no longer placing the default levers.

It's because for some reason they have gone red aka faulty - despite being built in since 2001 and as old as the ark!

N3V to explain, please...
I tend to use "Lever Invisible", except where I want electrical motor apparatus to show up. Those white levers were only used in remote sidings/yards.