JR support for TANE

The vast majority of things, especially payware, of JR will work fine in TANE and if they don't we'll help you figure out why or make the corrections. If you have something not working payware wise from us in TANE, redownload it from our site and it should be all set. Also make sure you have any Updates from our Updates area as well.

We aren't publicly coming out and saying this yet simply due to the state of TANE currently. There are many bits and pieces which are not complete so the last thing we want to do is say " We're all 100% TANE ready", then some major patch comes along that breaks things and we end up getting a million emails because we said it was TANE ready.

Also with that I'm still going thru the JR Freeware making TANE corrections in my spare time so if we wanted to be truthful we aren't TANE ready quite yet in all aspects of JR , but we are in the Payware end of things which should matter the most.
I am pretty sure that a lot of the problems you will have in T:ANE are similar to/the same as some problems that you get in Mac.