JR Engines missing ARN


Just installed some JR engines from jointedrail the other day and all the ARN numbers were showing up just fine, but just this morning, if i go onto any route of mine(or session), some of the engines are missing their ARN numbers and the area where they are supposed to be is blank. No errors in CMD, CCP or in game and re-installing (the engine) works for an hour or two but then the numbers vanish again.
Note: This has only happened on freeware engines but not my payware sd70mac's AND this happens in trs2006 & trs2010

[i would post a pic but hosting on another site is too complicated]
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You mention CCP. Did you actually commit the asset after using that tool? If so, delete and re-download the asset(s) in question (especially for TS2010).

Yes, i commit the asset manually as well as having the 'auto-commit' option enabled just to make sure
OK - that could be part of the problem. CCP (Content Creator Plus), as part of it's startup process, causes the trainz-build to alter on the asset. This is one reason why I do not advise users to use that tool unless they know what they are doing. For TRS2006, it shouldn't make much difference, but for TS2010, it will break the ARN on some content.