Invisible Track Modification


New member
A routine to toggle invisible track (on / off) just a thin line visible when setting it to see exactly where it is would be great. I'm currently creating a layout which needs a lot of invisible track, it's quite difficult to get right.

There are several invisible tracks in the DLS which show up in Surveyor. Search for them and try them out. I particularly like JJS_Invisible_Track with its 3 dashed lines.
Try some of mine 39134:101050, a nice blue, you won't have any problem seeing mine yet its totaly invisible in driver.
My invisible road is 101049 also blue, set for no cars since its used on my road crossings.
I made my own. Thin orange line in surveyor and invisible in Driver. About as easy a gmax project as there is. A great starter project. I use it for dual gauge sg/ng3. Custom track splines are another fairly easy project to start out on.

Bob Pearson
Indeed. What RPearson has described is just about the only sort of track that I've ever been able to make in GMAX. it's certainly useful for aligning track etc..