Importing from an old Hard Drive


Hey all;

I have just installed an old hard drive from a previous computer which ran Trainz 2006. I want to import some objects into Trainz 2006 and TC on my new computer. However when I open the CMP from the old drive it merely opens the CMP for my new Trainz 2006. Can anyone advise me how to get the CMP to display the older version of Trainz 2006?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated and many thanks in advance!
This might work.
Open explorer.
Point to your old hard drive.
Find the TRS2006\Bin folder and double click on ContentManager.exe
Then export what you want as .cdp files and import them into the real TRS2006.

Best bet is probably to open the new CMP, and use the import content option in the menus to import from the local folder on the old HD. Bear in mind that if you have a lot of content you might want to do it in manageable chunks, as it can take a while, and it's not all that stable...


p.s. and it's not considered a good idea to do it down a network connection.