Trainz Team
Trainz Routes Volumes 1 & 2 begin shipping today and if you placed your pre-order prior to March 8 you will be receiving both volumes shortly. Orders placed after that time will be processed in the coming week.

The following information is critical to the successful installation of the Trainz Routes content.

Disable able your anti-virus software before installing Trainz Routes Volume 1 & 2
Insert the CD into your CD or DVD-ROM drive
If auto run is active the installer will launch the installation screen automatically
--If the installation screen does not appear:
--1. Click on the Start menu button
--2. Click Run
--3. Type D: (or replace "D" with the letter of your CD or DVD-ROM drive)
--4. Double click on Routes.exe

The Additional Trainz Content installer window will open

DO NOT change the path displayed for the Destination folder which is displayed as c: \temp \DLS1 or c: \temp \DLS2. DO NOT CHANGE THIS PATH.

Click the Install button only
Installation will begin
The Trainz Routes splash screen will appear and the Auran Patcher window will open
Check that the Install Path on the Auran Patcher window points to your TRS2006 installation

*If you have TRS2004 installed the Install Path may point to the wrong path. Use the Browse button to redirect the installation to your TRS2006 install

Once you have confirmed that the Install Path is directed at your TRS2006 installation click the Complete Install button
When complete the Patching Finished window will appear
Click OK to exit the installation

Following the above guidelines will ensure a hassle free installation and prevent any unnecessary loss of data from your Trainz installation.

Thanks for your continued support.