i orderd online the trainz collection

I'm not sure about the phone number but I placed two orders recently with Auran and one took two weeks to arrive and the other took three weeks to arrive.

I'm in Michigan in the States.

It was worth the wait tho.

i orderd online the trainz collection but no respond from the company
when im going to get it ? is there is a tel # to auran ?


I would not post MY email address in a forum, mail bots roaming the internet harvest such email addresses and you will get swarmed with Spam no doubt. At the very least if you have to use your email address in a post, type it as such:


as most people understand this.

Re your wait for these ordered items, how long ago did you order this? As said above, it usually takes a couple of weeks or so to get ordered stuff from AURAN. Even here in Australia for ordered stuff, this might be a normal waiting time.

If all else fails. direct your query to the AURAN Help Desk, link is somewhere here in this forum.



After you ordered it, I believe you should have gotten a confirming e-mail from Auran, with an order number in it. How did you pay for it?