Hump Yarding Cars- They Just Won't Stop!


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I've been spending some time convering the W&E RR by Gfisher into a prototypical-running route that I'm calling the BNSF Hoopeston Sub. With a few small changes, it feels like BNSF! Anyways, I've been trying to hump cars in the hump yard. Kicking them off the hump is no problem, but stopping them is. In real life, they have retarders which slow the cars down, but, in Trainz, we don't have that. Is there a way to stop them, in Cab Mode?

No there isn't a way to stop them in cab mode. But my suggestion is, is to put a loco. down at the bottom to cach the cars,yes the loco will move a bit but it will stop after 2 feet or so.
Click on the car then hit S A

I built a hump, well more like a bump. it was only like .5 elevation. At the far end of each track I made a slight depression and set 3 cars in each track to use as anchors. We do the same thing on the railroad when we are kicking cars into tracks, set a car or two in with the hand brakes applied to stop the cars that we are kicking.

Another thing to make sure is to check the gradient and make sure it's perfectly level.

Good Luck :)
Hump yard

My solution was this:

My classification yard is bowl shaped. the cars slow down and roll back about 50 feet from the end. the speed I use to go over it is no more than 4mph, and i only allow 3 or less cars at a time go over. you'll have to fool with elevation, speed, and how may cars you allow till you find what you like.
Have you tried using the humpyard kit from TPR? They have 2 versions. Original works in 2k4 and 2k6 the update I think only works in 2k4. Have to register to download from the forum (look on goodies pages 3 and 5). Comes with manual.

Bob Pearson

EDIT: Missed your post RooRocz but according to TPR forum original version does work in 2k6. LARS had some reports that people got update to work in 2k6 but couldn't verify it.
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W&E RR by Gfisher

If you are talking about my Watseka & Kankakee route (W&K) then it does in fact use TPR's humpyard kit which has retarders, but you may need to upgrade to the TRS2006 version.

When I was testing the hump prior to using TPR's kit, even though the bowl is, well, bowl shaped, the cars would run on down the line for two and one half miles before stopping...unless I applied their brakes by hand.
Tpr's Humpyard kit works fine in 2006.

Been using it on my yard since it came out.
Give it a try You'll like it!:)

Hey, George! I am indeed running the W&K. (Got it mixed up) Anyways, you only use the TRS04 version on the W&K? I'll head over to TPR and check out what they have.
Ok, I found the TRS '06 speed retarders and installed them. Since there's 31 tracks on the bowl, it took some time. Anyways, for some cars (sets of 2, loaded) one set of retarders slowed them down, but they still rolled through the switch at the other end. I just stopped the session I was doing, since I was doing a sloppy job. I was hurrying. Kicking cars off that hump QUICK is no problem, but aligning the 50 or so switches in the yard and kickin' em' at the same thing trying to go at warp speed isn't the smartest thing to do. I'm going to install a second set of retarders at the bottom of the bowl to catch any strays. Thanks George, for a great route! And thanks to everyone for helping me get this working!!:)
I had them downloaded already. They're at TPR's site, (Goodies, page 5) but the link is broken now. You may have them. Type "speed retarder" under the objects flyout.
hump yard

Tpr's Humpyard kit works fine in 2006.

Been using it on my yard since it came out.
Give it a try You'll like it!:)

Bob do you use the penal selector route with your route ?
I tried but can't get it to show the yard towers! My iportals show up.