hump yard retarders


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unsure if anyone has brought this up and i'll try to keep it simple because some people may/may not know what a retarder/skate is

retarder-usually in a classifaction yard to reduce speed of cars and or stop movement of free rolling car in classifaction track.

basically, i wanna know has anyone seen these or know where they can be found? if not, i have a work around for my yard, but it would make life 10x easier.

Hump yards with retarders have been available at TrainzProRoutes for some time now.
Check the dls for Llj.
He has a demo humpyard that you can download to see how it works.
Lars also has a tutorial on the setup of a humpyard.
It works just fine.

Edit I just checked and his humpyard demo is not on the dls it must be just at TPR site.

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thanks for the quick replies, i looked on that website *pro trainz* i beleive, and found exactly what i was looking for! ya'll are a great help. yeah, i downloaded that hump yard a while back, kinda how i determined if i liked flat switching or humping (like flat for the record.) just want something to stop the cars on the bottom of the tracks hahaha anyway, thanks you guys, something i've been looking for for about a year now :D :D

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