HP Trainz GP38 problem


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Hi,I'm new to trainz.I installed the GP38 pack 1 from them,and they all appear in red letters in surveyor placement list and cannot be placed on any track.I understand this can be a dependancy problem.I did install the dep.pack they provided. Anyone have a similiar problem with them,I think they are quite a new release.Any help or suggestions would be appreciated,Thanks.
rftech60 - registering your version is important, as it proves that you have a legitimate copy of the game as well as allowing you to download extra content and gives you access to the version-specific forums.

To do so, click MyTrainz, then Serial Number, then fill in the form.

How do I do that and how will it help?I'm not disputing what you say but just curious It must be registered to install 3rd party content?

It may be missing dependancies (looking at it in Content Manager will tell you more persicely what is wrong). If it is missing dependancies these will be located on the Download Station. Content Manager can download & install these dependancies for you, but you need to have your version of Trainz registered.

It is a boxed copy from amazon with CD key to instal it is legitimate and installed it about 2 years ago and rarely used it,only recently thought I'd give it another chance.I did not get the GP38 pack from the download station but from HP trains site.locos from easteurope sites install OK.this is trains T12.Does it have to be registerd to install 3rd party content.Registration is optional and separate from activation with cd key,is that correct.It still has planet auran not my trainz
Thanks everyone!I did all that plus almost 2Gig of patches for T12 and they work fine.I use "the other"trainsimulator mostly,and I must say these locos are very,very impressive.I think they are the best I've seen in Trainz so far.I highly recommend them.
Don't forget K&Ltrains for steamers.

Also, having registered your copy means your CM will be able to access the Download station automatically and flag missing dependencies. I don't know of HPTrainz ever loaded any dependencies their payware might use on the DLS, but some Payware Content Creators do.

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