How to get these logs in the wagon

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Well, loading/unloading is not a matter of magic. First of all, you need an interactive wagon and industry.

Since I can't see what logs and wagon you are using, I expect further news to tell you. Can't you show us a screenshot? --> and

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BTW, TRS2006 Printed Manual on page 29, and on, talks briefly about industries. You can find further information on section 10.4.4 of the extended manual located in Program Files/Auran/TRS2006/Docs/manuals_cd/manuals/TRS2006_Manual.pdf after installing TRs2006. Or just start TRs2006 and find Manual on the splash screen.
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Just to add to Alberte's good advice:

In Surveyor, make a new test layout. Call it whatever you wish, eg Logs Test.

Place a forest industry on the blank baseboard.

Add some tracks on each end of the forestry, maing sure they connect.

On one of the approach tracks, add a loco. Then look through the available rolling stock for a type of log wagon marked with the IND logo in its preview thumbnail picture. Add a few of those wagons behind the loco.

Start a driver session.

Draw the wagons up to the forestry and stop. You should see some logs added to the wagons and removed from the forestry's stack. You may need to move the train forward and stop again to load more wagons. You might need to wait until the forestry cuts down more trees before all the wagons will be filled.

Hope this helps - post again if not.


Further to the above advice. If the wagons you are using are interactive then try the following.

In the bottom right hand corner of the Trains panel click on the "Edit Properties" button.
Now click on the wagon you want to load.
This should open the "Properties" window where you specify the commdities which you wish to load.

Regards. Alan.
May be I am not selecting the right building. Which one in the list will load my loag wagons?


Thanks in advance for helping me!
OK, I see it's Slugsmasher's superb logging machine, which is interactive. ;) No problem on that part but...

Have you checked that the log wagon can load/unload Slugsmasher's log products?

Please, click on the ? button and see what log products the logging machine is producing by clicking again on the industry (let it produce an amount of logs, not zero as configured initially; and then click again ? to configure the wagon to accept that product by clicking on it and filling the queue production dialogue, adding the Slugsmasher's log product to the ones accepted by default on the wagon. I don't think that built-in wagon is accepting it automatically until you configure it to do so. Choose it from the list appearing when you click the + symbol on the queue dialogue box.

Give it a try.

Alberte :wave:
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May be I am not selecting the right building. Which one in the list will load my loag wagons?


Thanks in advance for helping me!
In the "Objects" tab of Surveyor, make sure it's set to display all objects, then look for "Forestry" or "Forestry Basic", both of which should have the IND green tick logo in their thumbnail images.


For std gauge you can use my proper skeleton log cars. They will only load the M-Log products:


I also have several narrow gauge skeleton cars that are set up for these logs. Just search my kuid.

You can also use Charlie Lear's excellent log cars which will load different types of the M-Log sizes. He has several versions of a 45 and 50 foot logging flatcar. Search this kuid under rolling stock