How to download from Download cart? Plz


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I loaded some files into the download cart and can't seem to figure out how to get it to work. I know it must be simple but I need some help Please:eek:
Hello there, are you using TRS2004 or 06 plz???
In TRS2006 you press the big icon that says DOWNLOAD ALL, and it opens CMP automatically for you and installs the assets into it.
Unsure about TRS2004, I haven't used it for years...:hehe: But if you have TrainzObjects installed then it should do something very similar. You will have to save/commit your assets before they can work just to see if they have any errors...

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If you're using '04 (and I think previous versions are similar) you just have to click the download all button, and the downloader will pop up and download and install them. Trainzobjectz is very handy for checking for missing dependencies and working out why stuff you've downloaded doesn't work.

Depending on your version, if one of these things doesn't happen, you may have a dodgy install. Try it and let us know what happens...