How far does TLR search for an industry.


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I have a largish layout from TRS2006 in TS22 Beta. It has a coal mine and a power station which are separated by a significant distance.
Both are enabled for auto scheduling (in their properties settings), however, the power station reports that it couldn’t find a coal supply. I loaded one consist with coal, but this didn’t have any effect.
Is there a max distance/route complexity?

According to the release notes in the latest release post TLR currently is only working for "freight" industries. I can't say for sure but I believe Coal is not considered Freight. I do know that on the session they suggest, "Dispatchn' the Action," TLR does nothing with several industries including the mine and power plant. So true "freight" seems to be the only thing working right now.
I have been testing TLR for about 40 hours so far. It's pretty hilarious watching these trains deliver, go the wrong direction ect.. I usually load up a large yard with train cars, and watch where they go. I am running on a route 150 miles long. What's strange, Some of the trains will go all the way across the map to pick up a loaded consist when a loaded one is sitting right next to it. Coal seems to work from a loading consist to a dumper, But not to a power station or coal mine.
As far as whether Trainz Living Railroad considered coal to be freight, I had a train load at a coal mine and then delivered it to a power plant. When it comes to distance the dispatcher does not seem to have a limit. I had a coal train dispatched to an industry that was 90 miles from the starting point of the train and the destination for the load was even further away.
@sw1500 - thanks for that info. Did you have power on the consist when you set the train for Auto Scheduler or did a loco couple onto the consist and drive to the powwer plant? I could get it to work if I setup a train complete with power, otherwise the consist just sat there with it's power not far away.

Are others seeing that trains coming out of "Portal" are assigned to "Automatic Scheduler" but they keep their driver commands and run their assigned tasks. I'm running this Port Zyd. One Portal emits, another comsumes, they just run as traffic from Track Mark to Track Mark but they are running exactly as if they were not under "Automatic Scheduler." I have Portal generated AI and Auto Scheduler both running fine (on limited basis.) This is the only "Portal" route I've tried so far with TLR.
Power was on the consist.

I have run sessions with trains coming out of portals and they all seem to be assigned to Automatic Scheduler. Some will just execute commands that they already have, while others will execute some commands then the Automatic Scheduler will take over.
Portals aside for the moment, the TLR system is built on top of the older interactive industries/interactive rolling stock/commodities/waybill system. So some of the old rules still apply. For example...
Industries must be setup to produce and consume commodities.
Rolling stock needs to be available on the route that can carry the different commodities being produced and consumed by the industries.
Industries will stop producing if they run out of the commodities they consume. For example, the coal mine needs Diesel Fuel to produce coal.
When an industry queue for a product that it consumes is full, it won't accept any more deliveries.

Now from my play with the TLR system, it examines all of the above conditions and pairs up industries that produce a commodity with an industry that consumes that commodity and creates a task for a driver to carry out. If any of the above conditions are not valid then the task can't be created. For example, if there are no hopper cars to carry coal than no tasks can be created to pick up or deliver coal. Or if the coal mine runs out of diesel fuel than once the coal supply drops beneath a certain level than no tasks will be created to pick up coal even if the hopper cars are available. A really sticking point here is the rolling stock part of the equation, not all rolling stock will carry the commodities being used by all industries. When you are setting up a session, care must be taken to match rolling stock that can carry to the same commodity used by the industries. For example, the coal mine is producing standard Auran coal but the hoppers cars you are using can't carry Auran coal but can carry a coal commodity made by RRMods. A task can't be made to use those cars to pick up the Auran coal. So as always, a certain of planning and tweaking is required to get everything in balance within the session before TLR is enabled.
Thanks to all!
Most of the other commodities and industries work as required - though there can be multiple options for the permitted loads (just add all options to the wagons!)

Still having problems with coal mine or coal staithes to a power station. Manually, the loading, transport and delivery works OK, but not for coal - even if I leave a filled consist nearby.

Maybe there will be an improved TLR - it is a Beta after all

I mentioned above then edited it to "ignore" above as I'm still strying to figure this out.... I did get the coal mine to work but I had to "prime" the power plant. What do I mean by that. I used regular driver commands to have coal taken and dumped at the plant. Even though the plant now had coal (it had been sitting at zero) it did not "process" coal.

In the industry panel the Industry Processes showed "Process is disabled" even though it now had coal and was showing that had coal.

At the bottom of Industry window click "Enable Editing." Under the blue/green Industry Processes icon there is now a small white square. For some reason for which I don't know I clicked on that small white square and suddenly processing started. The plant started consuming coal.

I then set the driver/train to "Auto Dispatch" and off he went to the mine. He then dlivered to the power plant on his own. This occured twice. When the plant was about 50% full of coal the status bar showed 50% but the text underneath said "zero." I quite the session at that point. I see some notes in the latest release about something of this nature being fixed. Don't know if this is the actual item or not. I'll try it again I guess. Anyway, none of this makes much sense. That's why I deleted my post above with "ignore."
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