how do i

Are you using TRS2004 or 06 please ??
If you are using TRS2006 then archive each route using CMP, then all locomotives, then all rolling stock, etc, etc. Produce some new folders in Your Documents area within your computer, then put all your routes, rolling stock, etc, into separate folders making sure that you have only 700mb of stuff in each folder, then burn them onto a CD or DVD, in England we can only get discs with a 700mb maximum data storage, so you will require quite a few discs, but you can get them in packs of 10 or 20 I'm sure in the US for only a few bucks. It will take a while for you to do this, but once you have all your assets stored you can use them FOREVER.....

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.
thank you can you archive more then 1 thing at a time i have (ive) got 6600 items
and about Euphod's brilliant thread. i dont care what anybody thinks about me i am a very large dude and words on a keyboard could never hurt me
i just cant spell thanks
Yes. Just go through clicking on items while holding the Control key. Or you could search by individual category and press Ctl+A, to select all. Then Ctl+Shift+D (or right click and select Save to CDP), and CMP will pack them to be saved to a single CDP. I recently went through the same thing after installing a new HD and a fresh install of WinXP. And to RooRocz-I found your recommendation of the 'brilliant thread' somewhat dry--I found no spelling problems with bmjank's posts...grammar problems yes, but those can easily be read around.

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