How Do I Remove Uploaded Content from the Download Station?


New member
I have some assets that I want to remove from the Download Station. Is there a way to do this? I have tried looking for answers for the past 30 minutes and haven't found any subjects on it. Can someone please help me with this?
You could try opening a Helpdesk ticket using the “Support” menu above. N3V might agree to it. However the usual approach is to make the originals obsolete by uploading better versions. Unless there is a case of copyright infringement or perhaps some damaging technical error, N3V are normally very reluctant to remove stuff from the DLS because it creates problems of missing assets for Trainz users.
Going with D_R here:
Once you upload something, the only valid reason to get it removed is if you broke someone else's copyright.

Just curious:
Why would you want to remove something from the DLS?
Would checking My Trainz be any help unless that's only applicable to content uploaded through My Trainz?

If I remember correctly, when content is uploaded it has to be approved by the uploader. If the content hasn't been approved yet, then there's no need to worry because the content made it nowhere.