How do I keep Yard Track straight?


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Hi guys,

A little help please.

I have several yards in my layout and all have the same problem.

I feed a single track off the main line. When I add turnouts for the many spurs in the yard the main feeder gets totally out of shape. I tried using the fixed track turnout but the straight leg is too long and speads the parallel spur tracks to far apart.

Any suggestions on how to keep a feeder track straight?

Is your track layed as a straight spline without breaks?
Try adding some spline points along that line and then bend tool if double line etc do the same at same points to help center em.....should do the trick the longer the spline the worse the bow....

What I like to do to keep everything in line is click on the gridmode button ( upper right corner ), once the gridmode appears use the lines of the grid as a guide for placing straight track, houses, pretty much everything you use.
Works for me.

After your tracks are straightened, maybe you'll want them to be perfectly parallel, especially with very long yards.
I found a stunning tool made by Globule here:

Please download the "Kit de placement des voies et quais" pack, and just snap the "V" elements one with each other.
The "V" elements stand for tracks, and the "Q" elements stand for platforms.

- you can choose the spacing between tracks
- the tracks are perfectly parallel, no matter how long the yard is
- you may move the whole yard as a "one piece of track", even with a consist on it

Hope this helps
Hi Tom,

Check out my site for a collection of surveyor toolz, you should find some of them useful :)