Help please


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When i try to start the game i get this fatal error saying the following:
I have Trainz Driver Edition By the way

Class: Hardware
Reason: Access Violation
Version: Jet v.RRRRR.RR Build 1234.5. QQQQQ

Exception: @ 00000000 in #

Recoverable Acception: Yes

EAX: 00000000 EBX: 0148F43C ECX: 01678664 EDX: BB01095D ESP: 0012FACC EBP: 008B3260 ESI: 0149055C
EDI: 01678664

DS: 0000023 FS: 0000003B
ES: 00000023 GS: 00000000
SS: 00000023 CS:EIP: 001B: 00000000

Flags: 00010246

Call Stack:

00000000 - 00000000 (+0) Unknown

Thats what the Fatal error reads when i try to start the game how can i fix this?

I really want to fix this so i can play the game please help
have you downloaded anything recently and added it to the session you are getting the error on. if so take them off one at a time and if you still get the message it wasnt that one, replace it then try another . its trial and error.
To answer the above,No.

Could someone make me a guide on how to fix this problem?

At first we must know about your hardware: video/sound-card and drivers.
Use the latest driver for your soundcard and mainboard.

DirectX 9.0c you must installed.