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* Try backing up and temporarily disabling/removing all custom content.

* You may wish to try updating your video card and sound card drivers to eliminate a hardware conflict, and to check if new drivers are available for your motherboard.

Run a scandisk on your HDD to make sure there are no errors

* Upgrade your video card drivers to the latest version.

You may wish to check to see if your memory is functioning correctly by running one of the free memory test programs available on the internet. (which one do I use?)
In case I wasn't clear:

I need help where to find the above, or whther I have to buy anything etc
Driver updates are available for free on the manufacturer's support web page. If you would tell us what version of Trainz you using you could get more detailed suggestions. Also what video card are you using?


In explorer, right click the drive you want to scan and select Properties. Then select the Tools tab at the top and Error Checking is the first option.


I would try to update that video card if you can, the TurboCache uses system memory to increase the video cards available memory, so you are losing system memory to help the video card.
You don't delete the card just download and install the latest driver. If that doesn't fix your problem then you can delete (replace) the video card with a better on. A GEForce 8600 or 8800 will work very well.