HELP!,how do you get portholes to work


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I want know how to get portals to work?
I have read ,tried and no go, where am I going wrong:confused:
Trainz 2004 2365
Have tried in drive, train goes in and not out, have set drive rules /commands e.g station drive to portal # then back to station

also how do you download /upload an image so I can put a layout on the down load station? :eek:
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I'm not sure I can help you with your problem but I can tell you you need to state a few more things so people can help you:

What version of Trainz?

Which portal? (Preferably give a kuid number).

What have you done to make it work? (What did you do to set it up?)

Did you set it up in Surveyor? You can only see it work in Driver.


Portals need to be set up in surveyor. Open the objects tag, select the '?' icon an then click on your portal. This open the properties for the poratal, which allows you receive and despatch trains.

When you are happy with using portals, it might be worth looking at the portal timetable rule from pguy.

Hope this helps.

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You undo the large brass butterfly clips and the port hole will open.
Best done in calm seas.