Hawaiian Trainz Assets?


Hawaiian Trainz Guy
First off this is my first post so dont mind me.

Secondly, anyone know where I can find any good Hawaii assets for Trainz 12? I'm mostly looking for locos and cars based off of one of the main 30 inch gauge cane haulers on Kauai, aka the Lihue Plantation. Mainly looking for the famous Baldwin 0-6-2T saddle tankers and ALCo 0-6-0 slope back tender locos.

Thanks again.
Don't know about Hawaiian locos and rolling stock, but the DLS has a couple of "Hula Gal" sound effects files - but alas, no Hula Gals to go with them.
Togog has made a few NG stuff from the Hawaii islands and Trainboi1 had a NG 0-8-0 that's lettered Pearl Harbor #17