Having a go at route building again


QR Clyde/GMs
Dunno where this one is heading, I've only done one board really, and making slow progress on the second.

It is an Aussie route, but I haven't made up my mind where exactly it will be set in.

I'll be doing this route one board by one board, I won't be adding one until I'm satisfied that the board I'm working on is "finished". I find if I put down too many in one go, I just lose interest and the route never gest done.

Anyhow, enough of my lectures, I guess you all want to see some screenshots. I haven't used any trains, mainly cos the route isn't anywhere big enough to warrant driving on. I guess once I've made some more progress, I'll post some action shots.

The first town in the route is "Welbeck". I'm going to use street names in the suburb I live in, Welbeck Street was where I lived for the first 21 years of my life.






That's all folks.:p
Looks like a great start. I like to build routes by laying track on about 3 - 4 boards at a time and then texture, place some basic structures and content and then move on to the next section. I like to save all of the detailing till last, but that's just my method.