Great and Glorious Borat railway


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well i got bored yesterday and after watching dozens of borat clips on youtube that borat needed a railroad to go with his airline:D thanks whechsailor for the great plane and inspiration.:)
now join Borat for a tour of his railroad.
Yatza-mat! My name-a Borat!
i buy loco from ***holes in Uzbekistan, it not come with motor, we use horse to pull train. Hy Fyve!

here it is the 1st class coach, it is Verrii Nycee!

2nd class also Verrii Nycee!......NAAAAAT!

3rd class, for pigs and uzbeki's. :p

this is new beutiful station (imagine what the old one looked like:eek:)

here is new comforatable platform for first class passengers, cheapskate 2nd and 3rd passengers sit in mud with piggys.


you enjoy fine dining, yes? come station resteraunt, today serve home cook seagull

for your safety, we install state of art signal system. the signal man is wearing company uniform NAAAAT BLAAAAACK! (sorry Chris, lol)

glorius new viaduct, before passengers have swim

and of course Whec your planes got a place on the layout

i hope you come ride our great and glorious railroad. it is nice, i like.
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I sugest using a steam loco. Or find an engine for that loco. Uzbeki's have steam locos.
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First class cars remind me of the Orient Express cars.

Verrrrrrry nice, very luxurious, it´s a shame I can only afford 3rd class,
( :eek: )
I sugest using a steam loco. Or find an engine for that loco. Uzbeki's have steam locos.

uzbekis no sell steam loco, they too stupid to run diesel so they sell to us after take out motor because they is ***holes. we try buy steam loco from czech republic but we no able to start it. no matter how much chickens and propane we put in firebox it no start, just make lots smoke and fire and almost burn down village.:D Chicken tasted verrri niiiice!:D



no animals were harmed in the making of these screenshots:p

Thanks for the comments guys
haha, do you have the origional pictures you used for the reskins, you beat me to it, course ive been busy with other about a borat american division?
what do ya think, borat narrow gauge?

I mean its already built as cheap as possiable, borat can do even better

and since my Large Narrow Gauge project is now dead....may cheer me up