Granville Train Smash-30 years on..A tribute

Greetings all....
Eighty-three people were killed and 200 more injured on January 18, 1977, when an express train from Mt Victoria (Blue Mountains) left the track and crashed into the Bold St bridge in Granville, Sydney Australia.
Each year, in rememberance, 83 roses are dropped from the Bold street bridge onto the tracks below...
I will now leave my 'tribute' screenshots taken at Granville 30 years after that terrible day....
God Bless.

Excellent pictures and fitting tribute.

O/T, Is that connyx's layout of the western line?

I travelled under that bridge for many years and on many occasions had time to pause and reflct on that dreadful day back in 1977.
Not my favourite bridge.
Never having been to Granville, but I will confess, I DO want to go there (no, not out of some perverse and sick mind, but to pay my respects) I was but a stripling when that terrible accident happened and all I can do, is pray something like it never happens again. Truly, I agree with others, a fitting comment and I can but hope that Cityrail and the local governments can get together and build a lasting memorial to not only those souls who died, but to the survivors and those rescuers who risked so much - to do what others thought was impossible. They are the hero's I admire, not these sporting types and such, but honest men and women of the services who risk life and limb to save someones life.
I remember that day well being in Sydney visiting my dad, who was a 'fireman' with the NSWGR at the time. When we heard what had happened he took me and my (now wife) to visit the site and I can still picture the site (clearer than Austrail's photo unfortunately). I now travel under that bridge twice a day as I have done for the past 6 years. Hard to believe its 30 years ago:eek:.

No doubt the Red Roses will again be there tomorrow.
basically the locomotive left the tracks as it was approaching the overpass bridge, hitting the the steel bridge supports and taking them out causing the bridge deck to collapse onto the carriages of the commuter train the loco was pulling. It took a few days to get all the survivors out due to the instability of the bridge debris. Damage to the carriages was extensive as they were made of wood. It's a miracle there were any survivors in the damaged cars.

It certainly brought the country to a standstill