Good buildings to set up for receiving tank cars?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but what would be some good buildings/structures to use for an industry that receives tank cars? I'm not looking to build anything huge like a refinery, Just mainly something that would be set up in a spur where liquids could be transferred from tank cars over to tanker trucks for shipment.
Sounds like you're trying to model a simple distributor, no problem! This might entail a couple of storage tanks, a pump house, and a location to unload the cars (maybe a gantry, maybe not). This is where your modeler's licence comes into play. In some cases the tanker car could just be unloaded directly into the trucks, but more often you find that the facility will have a dedicated spot where the trucks load from the storage tanks, along with an office where the paperwork is done.

Hope this helped!
Hey Bob, maybe something like this would work for me? Just been kind of foolen around with the idea.
I think it looks pretty good. Maybe some dirty gravel texture around the base of the facility and around the tracks. The facility in the foreground might be all you need to imply whats going on. However, if the background industry is a whole other industry in itself, its looking good too!

rgcx - Nice pic there. And you're right, unloading tank cars happens in all varieties to be sure.
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Looks real good for just fooling around. May I ask where you got the pipe line with the hoses attached? Thanks.