GNR coaches


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These coaches are purely figments of my imagination, constructed using the well known LAR principal. Uploaded this day.
Blue:p :p :p
Can someone move this to the correct thread, it is freeware??
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GNR coach third02.jpg
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Why must everyone go around making such great rolling stock?! I'm trying to cut out the extras and you go and make something I have to have!:D
That is so good looking. I'll be waiting for it to come up on the DLS.

:cool: Claude

If anyone has downloaded these coaches, treasure them. As I have just accidentally written over all the relevant files (about two years work).

A glass of hemlock please!

BooHoo Blue:'( :'( :'(

I think I have heard/seen it discussed on a forum somewhere whether it is possible to recover meshes from an uploaded file??

A bit of wishful thinking perhaps.

It was discussed Blue, but stomped on as it could be used for nefarious purposes. Great coaches, sorry to hear about the gmax files though.