Glasgow Central Station leads the way!


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Recently Glasgow Central Station introduced a tour of the station led by a guide. This included up above the passengers and down below street level as well. There was once a small hamlet where the foundations are and a series of secret tunnels along with a number of subterranean rooms one of which was set aside as a mortuary during World War 1. Getting up on the roof area is a special highlight. With thousands of panes there are 2.3 square miles of glass making that notable the largest of it's kind in the whole world. Altogether the tour takes 90 minutes and 100 tickets were printed but a staggering 83,000 people applied for them!

Glasgow Central Station is amongst the top busiest stations in Gt Britain (busiest in Scotland) and the organisers are pleased at getting the response they have and lets people see how important the place is. At the same time one of the city's suburban stations is the busiest in Scotland along with the Central. Well done Glasgow!