Futuristic 21st century trains.


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Hi, all.

I was wondering if anybody has made any futuristic trainsets, particularly for the 2010 - 2050 era? Just curious. We have those who love the 1850's trainsets, the 1900's trainsets, the 1950's trainsets, and modern day trainsets.
The Maglevs are the only modern thing i can think of. I think there is a futuristic monorail out there.

Futuristic huh?

If you really want futuristic stuff look up dreddman here. He makes some really crazy stuff. I think that will be futuristic enough for ya.:p

Other than that Maglev is the really only thing that makes sense that I know of.:hehe:

Try searching for the supertrain by Woulfe on the DLS. The monorail is by JFE - originally with TRS06, but also on the DLS. There are also some interesting Mars routes on the DLS that might be of interest...

I looked up both guys on the DLS. The only futuristic stuff Dreddman has are the robot driver and the dalek. No mid 21st century trainsets. The Supertrain downloads don't have any screenshots so I can't tell anything about it.

I have a few concepts for futuristic trains, such as bullet diesel trains and such. Much more streamlined than boxy SD series or AC 4400 CW's. Alas, I can't model worth a dime in Gmax.
About the DLS edition of Supertrain.

The Supertrain on the DLS doen't have images because that was back when I made it for TRS2004 and didn't need images for the content manager program unlike TRS2006 does by default.

Sorry about that, I was still learning how to package everything then. The current version on my website has all kinds of pictures of it.

However, if you like to see where it started from and how far it's come.....