four lane roads One way working.


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I have finally created with the help from downloads and roads and intersections to combine, to create for lane one way roads . This does not come in a PAC that can be downloaded . I'm giving the free instructions to do this . It takes a better time to do this with this work.

Using the one way roads provided from downloads , you place these right beside each other , one , two, three or four lanes. These will all go in the same direction.[all in one way direction] Using light control system that is also the downloads area and intersections with traffic control lights that operate, to connect each lane to one of the intersection control devices . In order to make it look realistic , on each of the lanes cancel the lights , and run two like controlled intersections on the side , [to act as traffic lights that work, with no roads connected to it ] to do the same thing if you want to have another road with multiple lanes.

Now this is the creation for your intersections , you can use car spawns to increase the amount of traffic or, use intersections and join them with the same one way lane and connect individually to each plane going toward your intersection.

I'm still in the process of trying to create actual intersections with turning lines of work separately and independently , from the downloads area from the download station .

I will be posting screen shots within the next couple of days to prove my theory and points , along with these short video clip. If you're interested in more information on this , contact me at

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