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For those interested in European steam locomotives, I discovered this at:


It comes in several variants.

It has an excellent custom cab (though the injector will not work with the keyboard - have to use the mouse inside the cab) and custom sounds.

The download includes all the necessities - just download, install and run.

Thanks Phil. I downloaded one. Very, very nice indeed. Thanks for the link. I am running it now. Thanks again.:wave:
Thanks very much Phil for the link, I personally have a little problem with a lot of these steamers from Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Russia, etc, 'cos after you have downloaded the loco and all the dependencies it makes it between 15-20mb, and when you add a few coaches or freight wagons it can get so much that my poor old laptop cannot manage the FPS. As much as all of these locomotives are fantastically created, I have to be very careful as to what I choose to download and operate....just a thought for the lower-end PC and laptop users within the community who look on 3rd Party sites.

Cheerz. ex-railwayman.

P.S. Yes I know, get yourself a new computer, you'll shout out to me, well, it is coming up to Christmas soon, so I will have to ask Santa for a new one....:hehe:
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it is coming up to Christmas soon, so I will have to ask Santa for a new one....
Dont you mean ask Santa Fe...
Just joking...

Another good find Phil.
Good morning,

i do not want to destroy your happiness, but this link (Hummustrainz) is in Europe since 2004 well known... :hehe:.

However, it makes me happy, that you have discovered it at least. Those are the best steamers on the market to date.

If you want to have more European steamer-beauties, search on the Spanish Trainz-Forum for the key-word "Mikado". It will lead you to a Spanish site with other steam-yummies :cool: