Canadian National
Today we took a lil trip to a new part of the state...On this part of the state the fall foliage was beautiful and yet this RR that were going to go and see will blend right in with the fall colors....This part of the state had a lil shortline working which was called the Escanaba and Lake Superior RR....Today we decided to check it out....

When we first got there we seen the DS4-4-660 number 101 getting ready to pull the local out of town

A shot of the lil yard with some ELS power laying over on jobs
The ELS 101 the ELS GP38-2 400 and the ELS SD9 1223

The 101 gets on its way to make its way across the state

Now doing some street running in a lil town

We then raced him to this lil bridge where he went under us

Another shot of him going across a small bridge right before town

In town now he takes the WYE to swing his train around to back it down the siding

Backing up to spot its cars in the siding

With its cars spotted in the siding the power cuts off the train and pulls up to the office to turn in for the day
This is the GCL route before I re-done some of it to make it fit ELS style...Now I am starting out a whole new new ELS route from Green Bay to Crivitz....Thats just in the works now :D