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Hi Community,

Do you consider yourself a hardcore traction fan?
There's a good reason why I am asking:hehe:

Yes, but I'm also a hardcore narrow gauge fan and hardcore standard gauge fan and hardcore '50s fan, etc.

yes, yes, yes. I am a hard core Traction fan. In particular: the Chicago area.


If streetcars qualify as traction then count me in. I am a fan of the New Orleans streetcars, have created models of the streetcars and am working on a New Orleans layout.

Hi Community,

Do you consider yourself a hardcore traction fan?
There's a good reason why I am asking:hehe:


also i was a fan of Trainz & Cyberchase. i've been on the elevated Subway for a billion times in LA.
Yeah, I'm a hardcore fan of traction, no doubt. Mostly Asian.

Hello Traction Fans

I got a proposal for you all. A long time ago I made these items, but never upload them because I wanted to first built a route with the items so I can introduce the route and the items at the same time. If you agree, I can send you these items so you can build an “elevated subway system”. I have no time limited, but yet it should not take years. I’ll set back for 6 months or so before I e-mail you about it or you get back to me before then. When the route is finish, we can test it out, and, then you can upload the route and I can upload the pieces.

I figured I ask the community because there has not been so much stuff on Urban Traction, so perhaps we can come together and have fun building something. There could be more than 1 person working on different types of routes, that's fine at my end. But again, if you say yes please stick with it. We can even do sessions, as I know how to instruct a well detail automatic and/or manual sessions.

*Please volunteer if you got time and are motivated to make such a route. PM me if interested!

These are how the pieces look like: The height of each track must be ten. it's design to fix.

NOTE:I made these with Magicland's excellent elevated track in mind!

NOTE: All the items on the last picture are spline.

NOTE: You must download Jeff'Morris' subway signal so it fit between track and barrel!




Thank you for your time!!:wave:
Merry Christmas everyone:udrool:

PS. I have had these items for 2 years in my files ... where does the time go!!
Sweeeeet ish! time to think of a new route to make with my new high powered(well compared to my old one) graphics card! Just hope I can get my new dang games to run:confused: