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A little help from the pundits please.
I have a small self developed british steam layout.
Recently made some small changes in surveyor such as to scenery and to add a few new wagons and track - but no locos. Going to driver i have found that all the loco drivers have dissapeared when trying to run a session. Most of the HUD does not appear. The only bit that does appear is the camera controls - and that does not function. thus no control over any of my 5 or 6 locos.
I have returned to surveyor to try to re-assign drivers to my locos using the edit session facility and driver setup. This will not function at all.
I have tried deleting a loco and then adding it to the layout again but still cannot get any drivers.
My saved sessions, from before the changes mentioned above, work perfectly OK.
Any help/advice greatfully accepted - please note that I am not a techie therefore any tips in simple english would be appreciated
Tony Margel
sounds like you may have added something which is affecting the scenario. try removing the ones added recently, one at a time until it runs fine.
f1-5 are the ones that make the hud displays appear or not.
I made some changes to my basic layout - as listed above. Then saved back to the basic layout. It was not changes made to a saved session, if you see what I mean.
What I usually do is make changes to the basic and run it, then save it to another name as a saved session, and run the layout from there.
In this case I never managed to get the basic to run.
An clues for me??
Thanks for your tips - even if it is from a Lanky to a Yorky!!
The f keys did no good apart from removing what little of the display was left.
All I have to do now, if I do not get any more clues is to desperatly try to remember what changes I made in the first place.
that was a quick reply
The layout looks OK in surveyor - it is here that the driver schedule seems to be unobtainable.
The changes I made were not into a saved session but directly to the original layout.
I used my default name when saving the changes
Looking at what you seem to have said you did the changes in the layout. then saved the changes under a different name? Your session is looking for the old map or has been overwritten by the new map which contained no locos only wagons so no drivers are available.
open the custom profiles folder and check each folders config. see if you have any duplicate session kuids. Make a note of the maps config and compare with the profiles map-kuid these should be the same for the map you are using.
I never do changes via the layout only as this causes problems with sessions that are looking for track placement for a consist that you may have changed. Do changes by entering through the session then any change to track or rolling stock will be saved with the session.
this happened to me once, it required the reinstall of TRAINZ. I hope this is not what it is, but just letting you know what happened
Thanks Stagecoach
I saved the changes under the same name, went to use in driver and found the strike was on! All the locos and wagons are present - just cant get the damn loco drivers.
My normal proceedure is, after some changes, is to go to driver to see if it is all working OK, and then save it as a "saved session name" and use it from there.
I will have a root around in the customs profile folder - if I can find it - this is getting a bit high tech for an old buffer/duffer like me.
Are you suggesting that once I have saved sessions all future changes should be made there rather than in my original layout file??
Hi TonyM
Open the auran folder and also 2004 folder. Now open the world folder and the custom folder. You will see a folder called profiles, this contains all your saved sessions. Might be hard to locate each session as they all have kuid numbers instead of names. Also in the custom folder is one called maps, this contains your routes you have created or altered. These are named as the same name as the route.
I think there have been some issues over saved sessions that have been saved after you have run it. What i always do is create the map/layout then place rolling stock etc then save the session and map. Next time i want to work on the layout i open the original saved session (not the layout) do all my changes press Ctrl+F2 this will take you straight into driver. You will be asked if you want to save the session and the map say yes to both and overwrite the original. You now have a new original with the changes. When you exit driver dont save or it may corrupt the orignal session.
Because the consists are looking for trackmarks and co-ordinates of the place you put the consist originaly any deletion or change or movement of these in the layout could cause the session to fall down.