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Hi everybody,
I am new to trainz and Im a bit confused as to how to download from the download station, I have registered my serial number and have an account, do you have to pay for the downloads. I have got Trainz Railway Simulator 2004 build 2370.
You certainly do not have to pay for d/loads as long as you are the registered (with AURAN) owner of the game. In your game's option, the one you see when starting TRS 2004 you will find "Configure Trainz". There you place your forum user name and your password and other details like if you use a proxy etc. Fill them in and log on to the DownLoadStation (DLS), a link is on top of the forum for that. Once logged on, use the "search" function or whatever to find what you want to d/load. Once you click the item, your DLHelper will spring into action and d/load and install the kuid (item) you d/load.

In Surveyor you can place the item(s) d/loaded on to any route existing in your game, d/loaded from the DLS or created by you. You will find them in the relevant item tags in Surveyor like buildings in the object menu, roads and other splines, tracks etc. in their relevant place.

Easy :)


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Thanks for the information, I think it helps if you have got Trainz installed. I forgot that I had uninstalled it.:eek:
Now the downloads are working.