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I am new to Trainz and are having trouble understanding how things work.
I have some Kuid No`s but don`t know how to use them.
They are for a LMS Tender for a G2 Loco.
What do I do with them?????:(
Please explain your question more fully-are the kuid's you refer to items that you have downloaded and want to put into Trainz, or do you want to search for them so you can download?
I downloaded a x LNWR G2 Locomotive and Tender from UKBL and placed them in Trains, the next time I wanted to use them the engine is there but the tender is not, they are both discribed in my Railyard.
I can access the loco but not the tender
Hi holbeck and welcome to the mysterious world of Trainz and the forum. As you are finding out there is a long learning curve and we have all been through this, so ask for any help and I am sure someone will help out.

To your problem, particularly with Rolling Stock each item may require a number of parts, bogies, engine files, sound files, etc (called dependencies). If you do not get all of them then the Engine or Tender may not show up or work. Most creators will construct their content with the correct Config Files (the main file that tells the item what is needed) and if they do not then the problem you have may be the result.

There is a great little program that is like a bible (or something) to all of us (using TRS2004 or lower) that you can download for free from called TrainzObjectz (TO). You should read the tutorial on the site as well. If you install and run this program when you have problems with content it will help you to find out what the problem is and may even find the missing parts for you. It is a reasonably easy program to use and everyone will help with it.

Again with your problem, once you install this program, run it and the first time it will take some time to check ALL your content so do not worry. If may find a few problems and ask if you want these corrected (the tutorial will help tell you what to do with these small problems). While it is checking your content it may find that some Rolling Stock (Locos and Tenders) have missing items, if this occurs just make a note of the missing items and you can search for them once the program is finished. If you have not found the missing items for you tender this way you can select Rolling Sock from the menu in TO and then right click your mouse and from the pop up menu select locate missing content, again this should find any missing parts for you to note.

If you then have a missing item/part go to the download station and put the kuid number in the search box and select search on kuid (whatever) and hopefull you will find the missing items for you to download and (again) hopefully this will solve your problem.

While this is a long answer for you, as a new member this is something that you should work through as you will find TO to be such a great little program and save you a lot of headaches. Many people here may ask what TO has found out for you to help solve a problem.

The easy way of course is just to ask about the particular item giving the kuid number and someone will look at the problem for you. This is not always the answer though :p

Hope this helps,

Thanks Craig.

I will follow your instructions, Im no computor whizz and just needed things explained in laymans terms,here goes will keep you informed of my progress.

Regards Geoff (Holbeck)

Have tried everything it always takes me back to the Download Station which keeps telling me Idle nothing to download
Geoff, I just tried finding the Loco "LNWR G2 Locomotive and Tender from UKBL" and could not find it (there where many others though), is there another specific name for it or can you give me a link and then I will try and find the problem for you.

Ex-LNWR/BR/LMS G2 Super D 0-8-0.
There are a couple of tenders any will do, Have tried again and are still getting nothing to download.

Thanks for your help hope I am not becoming a bore.

Have tried again and are still getting nothing to download.
Are you saying that when you ran Trainz Objects and checked rolling stock for missing dependencies it said there was nothing to download? If you have some of the files for the tender, Download Helper will not have anything to download because you have the main part of the tender, just not all of it.
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How do I check for missing dependencies with Trains Objects???

Regards Geoff (Holbeck)
Hi Geoff,

First, I went to the UKBL site and picked one of the G2 super D 0-8-0 Loco's and the link took me back to the Download Station to download from there. I actually downloaded kuid:142268:15020 (actually I downloaded the whole pack, with Tender :D ). I then looked in TRS2004 and the loco and tender where there and I could see them both (actuall 2 tenders, one with cabin and one without).

I then checked in TO and when I first ran TO it saw that I had new Rolling Stock and checked these for me. It found a small typing error in the Config file and asked me if I wanted TO to fix these, I said yes, TO then told me there was a missing } and asked me if I wanted to fix this, I said yes and fixed the problem (the Tutorial for TO would have showed you how to fix this problem). So with those fixed, I then checked for missing parts even though I could see everything in TRS2004 and it found none. Now as I am not to sure which actual Loco and Tender you have downloaded I am not sure how to help, without the kuid number.

If you have downlaoded and installed TrainzObjectz Version 6.0 Build 544 the above checks it did for me would happen when you start it up (this is automatic, although you can stop it by press "Esc"). Now once in TO you can go to Rolling Stock and locate the Loco and Tender. This will give you the Kuid number and if you post it here I can check further. The easiest way to locate the Loco and Tender is to orgainse the items, click on the name column and TO will orgainse the column in Alpha order for you (this can be done with any column - for you info). The more you use TO, the more you will find out why many trainz people live by TO and think it is the best utility program for Trainz. In the lastest version of TRS (2006) they have CMP built into it which is based on TrainzObjectz with some other features. That's how much respect everyone has for this one little program, long live TrainzObjectz :) .

Now you asked how to check for missing Rolling Stock parts with TO. While you are in the Rolling Stock section click on the menu button (bottom right hand corner) and select "Check for missing R/S Parts" (as in the screenshot below). This may take some minutes (I just made a cup of Coffee while it checked mine, scratch my bum and did a few other things :p ) depending on how much content you have. When finished TO will then give you a list of Parts missing (as below).Sorry for the blurry images, but you will get the idea, just click on the images for a larger view from ImageShack

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

Once you find the kuid numbers for me I will check further, and if you have any other problems with this Loco I will try to help. If you have a totally different problem then you should start a new thread :).

How do I check for missing dependencies with Trains Objects???

Regards Geoff (Holbeck)

SeeSeeme's check for missing R/S parts finds them all.

To check just one item hilite it then right-click and select 'show required rolling stock parts' (it was the top item on my menu)
Craig still no luck with the G2 Tenders but have now got a handle on TO the version I was running was 5.0 so I updated to 6.0 544 and that repaired some of the errors in the config files, I am now getting the hang of TO. the Tenders do not show in the Missing Parts RS File, but not to worry I am using the LMS Tender for now.

I must thank you all for putting me on the right Track( no pun intended)

Geoff (Holbeck)