download reminder


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I got a new laptop and am trying to remember how to download my old trainz 2012. I downloaded all of the files: setup through 3a. I see them all in my downloads folder on my computer. Can someone remind me what to do next? I tried clicking on the files and that got me nowhere.
I put all of the files in a folder. When I click on setup it tells me: howdo you want to open this file? I pick internet explorer. It tells me the publisher cant be verified. Then the whole process repeats. It asks me what i want to use to open the file...i remember this being a pain in the ass when I did this on my previous machine. But i cant remember how I got it to work.
Sounds like your file is missing the .exe off the end. Add it to the end of the file that's just called setup - not to any of the .bin files.