Download help please!


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When I go onto the Download cart thingy, once I've added items (Which I have), I clicked on "Download All", but when its Connecting ect using the Download Helper, When it is connecting it says "Idle" and Cannot connect to the Download station.

Why's it saying cannot connect to download station? and What can I do to carry on downloading and make it work? :(
At least in my experience, when I see the IDLE response, it has been because the items already exist in my folders.

Are you running TRS2004 build 23xx version 2.4?

Are you behind a firewall and have allowed TDH to connect?

Have you added your username and password under TDH's configuration screen by clicking on C:\Program Files\Auran\TRS2004\Bin\TrainzHelper.exe?


You can try that but I don't recommend it. I would rather that you try giving your firewall an exception for TrainzHelper.exe to connect.


I disabled my firewall and its all downloading now, thanks for the help too...

When I go to install them do I have to open the folders and move the files to correct paths?
What do you mean by that? TDH automatically downloads the items from the DLS to your C:\Program Files\Auran\TRS2004\World\Dispatcher\Downloads folder.


idle doesnt allways mean you have the folders on your system allready,it should start by searching for the item you have chosen to download,then when it says"idle" press start and it should start downloading,tip ive found its best to download via helper one item at a time as it can be faster rather than use your basket facility,regards,tf.