Double Yellow?


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Sorry Britons not that kind of Double Yellow. So I finally finished the track and signal work. Now often on this route I see one yellow signal and in the very next block the signal another yellow. This is somewhat prototypical of the MTA it is still odd, and I'd like to know why it happens.

Next thing, on my line Local and Express tracks merge into a two track run. On the two local tracks there are branches that lead to the yard, the flyover to the yard, and a beer factory. On the two track line there is a crossover to the westbound track, and another crossover going the opposite way. As a local train tries to exit to the two track road it is met by a red. The red says "Next signal block occupied by another train" I check that all switches are set for the trains route. He has the lineup, nobody wrong railing the line.

After clicking on the red it takes me to the home signal of the crossover, and its yellow, which is strange, the only way to fix this is to line up one of the crossovers to the eastbound track, the train will throw the switch before it reaches, but it clears the signal long enough to proceed, how can I prevent the reverse red?
Double yellow


SamSmith here. Double Yellow means um.. well theres two resons for double yellow.Ethier This and the next signal are yellow or its double cation.(slow down quickly to about 3/4 of the normal speed indication.

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Not double yellow on US color light signals(USA02L), nor the British signals 4 light signals. I am reffering to these 3 light signals What I mean is that one of these signals will show yellow but the next signal which is clearly visible also displays yellow at the same time.

Anyone else have any thoughts as to the train causing a red signal on itself?
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SamSmith, Do you mean that when your train goes past a yellow signal it turns red? Because if Thats right all signal do that because if you have a train behind you it tell that driver to stop.

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Double signals


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Okay I see. So you show that signals show yellow in empty or full station areas.(before then after). Well that is really a thing to follow!

1.people don't want you speeding throught a station.(even in a game):eek: .
2. well just call it as a resricted speed zone.

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A little blurry but clearly two yellows beyond the green.
Does anyone have any way of determining how this happend.

Does anyone out there have an answer to my other question?:confused: