detailed track switches


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How do I get the detail track switches to work? I've laid tham out added the runners that match but the switch directions are still red on both sides. These are the MB switches and blades.
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If they are the same sorta stuff as the JK stuff by (andi06 i believe?) then you have to use junction wire, and "wire up" the junction, if you dont the switches wont register a junction and will stay red.

i would try downloading the junction kits by andi06 and try them, they have an informative guide on how to use them and they are detailed like the ones you are trying to use.

hope this helps.
MB points (switches) only work in original Trainz and UTC as Auran changed the code for TRS. I did convert the 2ft NG versions to work under Andi06's system and they are on the DLS under my KUID. You might be interested in this thread where Andi is developing a new set of points that do not need wiring up but act like normal fixed track.