"Das Boot"


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Disclamer.......No Offence to anyone on the Planet I'm just here to play Trainz , I didnt create History (But these are interesting machines)

A cold early morning as the much needed supplies spare parts and torpedoes are delivered to the Bunker ...The type V11 Atlantic boats prepare for the long patrol ahead... Sboats were on hand to escort them out to diving deapth..........


The Uboat is a correct scale driveable 1 texture placemarker

Whecsailors Awesome Sboats.​
could i talk you into doing some German Warships?

Such as the Z31 Class, and Admiral Hipper? heck i could even use the models to run in a sailing sim i use...
Marek2 is the Warship man and he's back!!! If this Idea is to continue I need German warships !!!! I will help get them driveable no problimO! I rebuilt the Uboat today as the Idea festers in my brainz like a unloved pimple :rolleyes: .......... Uboats are the Grandfather of modern subs ......Dive Dive ---> the incredible Sboats are Whecsailors !! awesome beasts(you might ask him nicely to share off the (Policiticlycorrect DLS) and now I finaly have a home for all these incredible (models)machines.....Pink navy rules ....................History?:rolleyes:
Might tease you more with the U013 returning home after a long patrol :D
Run Silent Run Deep!...not going to bombard you with screens like the thunderbirds :rolleyes: ......just to let youknow the idea is possible
U013 returns after a long hard and dangerous north atlantic patrol

:eek: The railways Supply!

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Can you please tell me where the Sboats came from. I cannot find them on the DLS.
As Stated ABOVE the awesome "S Boats" are by Whecsailor and are not on the DLS!....there was a little problim with the flag the blue navy dint'nt like the green navy so the pink navy got upset and so on and so on.
Thanks dreddman!! I DID read who produced the S Boats & I DID follow the sad thread about political correctness gone crazy, but that doesn't answer my question. Where did you get those boats??
If this is some dread secret because Big Brother Auran is watching - I apologise, but it is only a game - not a way of life. I'd appreciate your help.
Thank you
I asked Whecsailor and he gave me the S Boats ...and dont forget use your manners and say please if you ask him (Colectors Item):eek:
I dont know he may consider giving these out .....................If I continue with the idea i might release the GENERIC SUBMARINE!!! and untextured bunker? .....before I get too carried away:rolleyes:
Crews worked long and hard refitting the boats refueling rearming ect none worked harder than the railways!

first off, if you mods find anything wrong with what i say, please delete my post and any related posts, not the thread

we recently had a dicussion on the forum to an online RPG style game about weither names that related to germany (note germany NOT the nazi party) were offensive or not

the general concesses, which came from a group of people that almost never get along, is that there was nothing wrong with the names, so long as they dont go as far as to praise the nazi party and say what they did was right

i havent seen wecsalior around recently, but ive been meaning to post this for him, to try and defend his work


for 5,000 years before Hitler the swastika was a symbol of peace, and remains so today in southeast asia
Dreddman Suppper !

In a couple of days, I will send you my movable versions of ships( beta ver. not full textured)

They be surprised me only:

- 3 Colossus class battleships in one place ;)
- this submarine :confused: http://www.uboat.net/wwi/types/

Ps I have Kaiserliche Marine torpedoboot:eek: